What a Tangled Web the Web Weaves

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Bad PR for Reddit, Taylor Swift

PR crisis are often self-induced.

Many in tech land are well aware of the chaos that has befallen Reddit. If not, here’s a pretty good summary. “Summary” is actually a bad word because there is so much drama behind it that it can’t just be summarized. The PR battle isn’t over either… Read More →

Applying Ben Affleck’s Recent “Lesson” to PR + Microsoft Has Rare Positive PR Moment

Tech PR Review
Just something that looks like a rock.

Set in stone? One’s history might be but, not necessarily how it’s perceived.

Recently, news emerged about PBS and a profile they were planning about Actor Ben Affleck whereby it might have been revealed that an ancestor of his once was a slave owner. News got out that Affleck requested – perhaps even demanded – that the show not include a reference to it. Read More →