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We Are All About the Stories We Have

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“Why” your company or product exists is just one piece of the puzzle.

In the twilight of our lives, most of us will use the stories we created along this path we call life to reflect on if it was a good life or not. Are they mostly good stories, or mostly bad? How did we recover from the bad ones? Are there plenty of stories or did you not spend enough time creating them? Read More →

Applying Ben Affleck’s Recent “Lesson” to PR + Microsoft Has Rare Positive PR Moment

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Just something that looks like a rock.

Set in stone? One’s history might be but, not necessarily how it’s perceived.

Recently, news emerged about PBS and a profile they were planning about Actor Ben Affleck whereby it might have been revealed that an ancestor of his once was a slave owner. News got out that Affleck requested – perhaps even demanded – that the show not include a reference to it. Read More →