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Google Defends Glass

Google is out defending its Glass product. BGR is reporting Google has taken to its Google+ page to fight “The Top 10 Google Glass Myths.”

Twitter, Sony & Bitcoin Have PR Problems – One More Than Others

Twitter, Sony and Bitcoin have probably had better weeks.

Microsoft Mops it Up, Intel Shifts Inside, While GameStop Might Need to Shift

First up, Microsoft… If you regularly read most of the major technology news website, you’d think Microsoft is on the verge of collapse.

Top Tech Stories of 2013: The PR Perspective

  As with most years, 2013 had a lot of big technology stories. Microsoft bought Nokia and announced plans to soon have a new CEO.

Microsoft and Google Keep Going At It

Microsoft and Google continue their battle with each other. Rightly so, they are as close competitors as one can get.

Microsoft’s Surface Price Cuts Can’t Solve Messaging Confusion

Microsoft recently cut prices for its now first-generation Surface Pro – again. This is odd because…

Hodgepodge: McAfee vs. NSA; Instagram Builds Brands? Twitter IPO?

There’s word that John McAfee is building some type of affordable device to block the NSA from accessing your information…

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