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Applying Ben Affleck’s Recent “Lesson” to PR + Microsoft Has Rare Positive PR Moment

Just something that looks like a rock.

Set in stone? One’s history might be but, not necessarily how it’s perceived.

Recently, news emerged about PBS and a profile they were planning about Actor Ben Affleck whereby it might have been revealed that an ancestor of his once was a slave owner. News got out that Affleck requested – perhaps even demanded – that the show not include a reference to it. Read More →

PR Gaffes: Companies Behaving Badly

Tech PR Review

AT&T isn’t doing composting…

Since it’s been decided by certain powers that be that companies are like people, I say we can also call them asses – just like regular folk might do to regular folk. And, recently there are a few companies seemingly doing their best to earn this name-calling. Read More →

Some Say Public Relations is a Waste of Money

Tech PR Review

Some say PR is a waste of money but, can you make the most money without it.

There’s a recent Houston Business Journal story about some tech executives stating tech startups don’t need PR – that it’s a waste of money. One of these stances was apparently made by a key executive of the popular – and widely publicized – Uber app. Read More →