Social Media Suffering Saturation Syndrome

Social Media Saturation

Are there too many social media sites?

There’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat, etc., etc. lists at least 15 social media sites you should be using. Do people really use 15 of anything? Has social media reached a soiled saturation point? Some of the latest numbers can make it arguable it has.

Regardless, social media will play a central role in our personal and business lives for the foreseeable future. So, while there might be too many of them, it remains undeniable that businesses must continue to pay attention to them and be active on them. In particular, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube are a minimum. Instagram might also be argued (don’t start blabbing on arguing for another site – obviously it’s different strokes for different folks).

There are a variety of reasons that companies must be involved, from enhancing brand recognition to controlling crisis communications. The reasons and goals are too much for discussion here. Talk to your favorite PR person about it.

Then There’s YouTube
While other king social media sites might be suffering saturation syndrome, one site that seemingly continues its rise is YouTube. It was recently found that it’s the most trusted “go-to consumer source for 16-45 year olds.” And why not. It follows the old cliché that seeing is believing. Here’s a summary of the key findings:

Nearly half (42.4 per cent) (sic) of 500 respondents in a OnePoll survey said they trusted YouTube over any other source when it came to looking for products or services.

An overwhelming 89 per cent said they were more likely to buy a product after seeing a good review on YouTube.

Magazines placed second (23.2 per cent), TV third (14.4 per cent) and then radio (two per cent). Approximately a fifth of people (18 per cent) said they preferred other sources.

It’s important to note magazines placed second. So, a proper mix of traditional PR-based product reviews alongside good YouTube reviews sounds good. It also points out that innovation is still the key starting point – without a solidly innovative product, reviews are bound to be poor. That aside, it seems a magazine video review on YouTube might be the icing on the cake. Again, talk to your favorite PR person.

We’re reaching slowed use with a lot of different things. It’s probably because we’re over-saturated with them, we’re settled in with a product or service. Perhaps it also means we use certain things a bit less than before and perhaps that’s also because there’s at least 15 of them. Still, as a business, getting and staying active with the top social media sites is essential for many reasons. If you’re not doing it yet, get with the program. Obviously, everyone else has.