5 Low-Cost Ways for Brand-Building a Tech Company (InfoGraphic)

Inspired by this infographic, here’s another infographic highlighting the top five low-cost ways for tech companies to build a brand. It involves selecting good consultants or small firms to help. How lost cost can it be?

  • Less than half the cost of hiring the most junior person internally to do it
  • Compared to doing it yearlong, it’s┬áless than the cost of a full presence at a single major trade show all a year

It can also be expensive but, not necessarily in monetary figures.

  • Without it, you absolutely minimize brand awareness
  • Your competition is likely doing it – and using it to position you to their favor

It starts with public relations (PR) and uses social media and other low-cost marketing to enhance PR successes. Here’s how:


5 steps to low-cost brand building for tech companies