Ad Trust Declines; Smartphone Battles; Yahoo Rehash; Cool Infographic

Ad Trust Declines

No matter how loud, ad trust continues its trust decline

Occasionally, there’s a lot of occurring things to write about within a week than just focusing on one topic.  So, sometimes we’ll touch upon several interesting tech PR and marketing items in a single blog post.  This is one of those cases.

Trust in Online vs. Print / TV Ads
Nielsen has released some data points that may be of interest to marketers regarding the trust levels of online vs. print and TV ads.  In general, the linked article points out that trust in print and TV ads continues to decline (nothing really new there).  The article then states “trust in online ads, on the other hand, is up, but still lags behind print and TV. Today, 33% of respondents say that they believe the messages they see in online banner ads.”  I’d argue that 33% is hardly ‘up’ and that this continues to prove the point that only PR should be used as a method for gaining consumer, partner, etc. trust.  Ads should merely serve to reinforce the trust that PR builds and that social media fosters.

Nokia / Microsoft Smartphone Getting More Converts from Apple, Android
It seems the Nokia and Microsoft partnership for a Windows Phone is winning over some converts from Apple and Android.  I can’t help to wonder if part of the reason is that Apple and Android’s OSes come across a bit old and tired – something we’ve previously touched upon.  Nokia and Microsoft will need to make continued efforts – both in combination and apart – to promote the phone and OS in a way that clearly differentiates it from Apple and Android.  I did see a commercial for the Windows Phone OS recently that reinforced one thing – Microsoft still needs to change its marketing philosophy as it continues to come across less ‘cool” than Apple, etc.  It’s early but, I believe the partnership sorely needs an even better phone – in terms of technical specs – to run with the big dogs.  This will also help make PR efforts easier so product review programs can be more apples to apples.

Yahoo Getting Attention
Yahoo has been getting a lot of attention lately.  Unfortunately for them, it seems mostly to be about plans to try and turn the company around instead of about a new innovation.  And the CEO’s latest comment to cut 50 properties seems to scream the opposite of trying to be innovative.  We’re all for focusing but, right now, Yahoo’s sending out nothing but bad vibes. We made bold suggestions in our last post on what Yahoo should consider doing to get in better standing with the media and consumers.  Certainly their PR efforts would get easier if they focused on technology innovation over cuts.  Hopefully, for Yahoo’s sake, once the cutting is done, they’ll do some innovation and get improved PR opportunities as a result.

Nice Infographic
Whether you agree with the message of this infographic or not, it’s nicely done and captures attention.  Infographics can be useful ways to engage audiences via social media and can go viral – no secret here anymore.  We’ve even dipped into it once with a simple infographic to answer if you need tech PR.