Google Defends Glass

Defensive PR

Google goes on defensive for Google Glass

Google is out defending its Glass product. BGR is reporting Google has taken to its Google+ page to fight “The Top 10 Google Glass Myths.

When Should a Company Start Public Relations?

get expert PR help

You can’t do it all yourself – and that means PR too.

A couple of years ago, Tech PR Review put together this nice little guide to help tech executives easily determine if their company is ready for PR.

EA’s Been a Bad Boy – Again. Nook Takes a Hit – Again

ES's Doh! Moment

Doh! EA has won an award – one it probably doesn’t want.

Electronic Arts (EA) recently won an award, only it’s not an award it probably wants.

Twitter, Sony & Bitcoin Have PR Problems – One More Than Others

Twitter, Sony growth not up to par; Bitcoin experiences Apple's wrath

Twitter, Sony growth battered. Bitcoin is just battered.

Twitter, Sony and Bitcoin have probably had better weeks.

Microsoft Mops it Up, Intel Shifts Inside, While GameStop Might Need to Shift

Microsoft record earnings

Microsoft’s earnings continue to betray perceptions of a downward slide

First up, Microsoft… If you regularly read most of the major technology news website, you’d think Microsoft is on the verge of collapse.

Top Tech Stories of 2013: The PR Perspective


top tech PR stories 2013

Many organizations put out PR fires in 2013.

As with most years, 2013 had a lot of big technology stories. Microsoft bought Nokia and announced plans to soon have a new CEO.

Microsoft and Google Keep Going At It

Consumer privacy continues to erode

Few companies are seen as trusting when it comes to consumer privacy

Microsoft and Google continue their battle with each other. Rightly so, they are as close competitors as one can get.

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